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Low weight

HELV motors do not use metal cores, this can significantly reduce the weight of the motor without losing power. Especially important for quadrocopters and helicopters.

Universal stator mount

The stator is made in such a way that the motor can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Compact size

The unique patented design of the motor uses the entire area of the magnetic rotor at the same time, it gives a large torque with a small stator size.

Moderate motor heating

Due to the unique construction of the stator coils, the motor cannot be overheated under heavy loads.

Low voltage consumption

Spherical stator coils have a very low resistance, this makes it possible to create strong magnetic fields inside the coils at low voltage.

Large shaft torque

Due to a special diamagnetic stator casing (cover), all the magnetic fields of the rotor and the coils are compressed in a small area and do not extend beyond the motor, this allows to create amazing power with low electricity consumption.


A high-performance electric motor of the American company Buddha Energy Inc. patenting around the world. It is noteworthy that the author of the electric motor is Russian. In the US, motors are sold with the HELV Motors brand name. The company does not report about the start of motors sales in Russia, but according to unofficial information, electric motors will become available in Q2 2021. The HELV Motors electric motor is designed in the form of a ball or sphere in such a way that the total area of the stator magnetic field interacts with the total area of the magnetic rotor. With such layout of fields, the project team achieved a shaft torque of 80 Nm, with a frequency of 3,700 rpm at 6 kW motor power on the test motors with a diameter of 119 mm weighing 2.5 kg.

The stators of synchronous and asynchronous electric motors are made of stacked plates of thin iron isolated from each other. This reduces the effects of Foucault currents on the stator metal. These stray currents severely heat the motor stator if the stator is cast from solid metal. Buddha Energy Inc., took a different path and made the HELV Motors electric motor stator housing from composites which made it possible to lighten the electric motor and eliminate the effects of Foucault’s currents. The stator composite can be easily molded, but the company does not use expensive metal processing equipment. Due to this, Buddha Energy Inc. will further reduce the cost of finished electric motors.

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